Welcome to Shepherd’s Cottage Fungi!

This site promotes the work of Neville Kilkenny, a consultant field mycologist, working in Scotland with organisations such as the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scottish National Heritage and Plantlife Scotland to raise awareness of the important role fungi play in our ecosystems.

Everything we see around us in nature would not be here without fungi. We are lucky enough to live upon the most incredibly beautiful planet. The Earth is as rich, as it is diverse, in habitats and ecosystems which are unlikely to be equalled anywhere else in the universe. The foundations of our food chain are ‘fed’ by recycling fungi which release the 56,400,000,000 metric tons of carbon that plants add to the earth’s ecosystems each year, locked in their dead tissue.

Nearly all (90%) plant species in nature are fed water and mineral nutrients by mycorrhizal fungi, and without them they would not survive or would have great difficulty in competing with other plants.
Please enjoy exploring the website for details of all Nev’s forays and workshops as well as his other work. Last year's forays and workshops quickly sold out, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

The interesting climate that we are currently experiencing means that just about anything could be starting to fruit - it’s not too early to be looking for fungi and I don’t just mean the little black splodges on sticks! Several Boletes have already been recorded, as well as many agarics, so what are you waiting for? Get on out there and enjoy our wonderful diversity of Scottish Fungi!

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